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Panasonic PABX UAE
Panasonic PBX System

Panasonic PBX  System 

To succeed and grow in today’s business climate you need reliable business communication tools and services that deliver the right features, functionality and price point to meet your business needs and budget.Panasonic Enhanced Communication PBX SYSTEM  offers an affordable, flexible, and reliable solution that can deliver business improvements. Panasonic Telephone System offers a variety of functionality levels from basic to enterprise , that can meet any business need.Panasonic offer out of the box communication and mobility. Transforming the office into a communication zone.When it’s your business, there’s Panasonic Enhanced Communications Solutions.Using a combination of advanced telephony products along with other IP-enabled applications, Panasonic provides richer, fully-capable business communication solutions for your business today.


Panasonic NS500 Dubai

Panasonic KX-NS Series IP PBX

Panasonic NS series IP Telephone System is an ideal choice for your office.Two models are available from this category. That is KX-NS500 & KX-NS1000. Adding Panasonic NS1000 as a second system with ns500 further expand the system capacity in lower cost, providing up to 1000 extensions. That means you can continue to use your existing phones and other equipment's when the time of upgrade. Wide range of phone choices are available with KX NS Series. Phones include IP Proprietary  terminals. Digital Proprietary terminals, Sip Phones and DECT  Terminals.Mobility features of NS Series allow shifting business from office to the field.


Company Welcome Message

Voice Mail

Time based routing of Incoming calls

Voice Mail to Email

Full control threw Web

Mobile / PC App

Panasonic PBX SYSTEM

Panasonic TDA/ TDE PABX 

The Panasonic TDE series phone system is a full blown IP-PBX, capable of being an asset to your business well into the future.  The Panasonic TDE is able to support a wide array of terminal devices.  These terminal devices include SIP phones, IP phones, Softphones (uses your desktop or laptop's screen, speakers, and microphone as functioning IP phone), as well as, digital and analog phones.  The Panasonic TDE series is absolutely packed with features that can benefit your business productivity and have direct impact on your business communication bottom line.

Panasonic’s IP-Enabled KX-TDA business telephony solutions combine advantages of traditional telecommunications together with the convergence of IP technology - offering maximum feature and flexibility to handle all your corporate communication needs.

Panasonic PBX SYSTEM

Panasonic KX-TES824 Entry Level PABX

The Panasonic kx-tes824 is a basic PABX system for small businesses. The KX-TES824 pabx  Control Unit provides an initial capacity for three exchange lines and eight extensions but with the addition expantion cards can easily expand up to eight exchange lines and twenty-four extensions. Extensions can be standard analog telephones, cordless phones or Panasonic  hybrid System-Phones. [ KXT-7730 ]

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